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bKVM 256

bKVM 256

$2.39 / month


RAID-10 hdd 10GB

Bandwidth Unlimited

CPU 1x3.30GHz

bKVM 512

bKVM 512

$3.99 / month


RAID-10 hdd 15GB

Bandwidth Unlimited

CPU 1x3.30GHz

bKVM 1024

bKVM 1024

$6.99 / month

RAM 1024MB

RAID-10 hdd 20GB

Bandwidth Unlimited

CPU 2x3.30GHz

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At some point, you have to look for a solution if you desire your company to move ahead. For instance, if your business is connected with data, at some moment, you would have to consider some advanced opportunities to store and handle the huge information volumes.

One of these alternatives is VPS in USA.

A VPS is a virtual option to store and handle your data more efficiently. In a physical server, you are provided a space that you can use as if it were your dedicated server. You can do whatever you desire : store, change, handle your data, and conduct all your business processes. You can run there your own OS, no matter which one. If necessary, you are able to even install some complex solutions. However, at this moment, you might have to consider a dedicated solution rather than a VPS.

Usually, if you find a cheap VPS in USA, you are able to save significant sums of money, at least until some stage. Most VPS providers apply the payment scheme called “pay as you go”. It means that you pay only for those functions that you use. If you need more functions, you pay and add them.

Some Pros of Using a VPS for Your Activity

There are numerous advantages of a VPS solution. Let us check the main ones:

  • Control without extensive responsibility is one of the most important pros of any cheap VPS in USA. The reason is in the fact that you don’t get root access. Hence, you are able to apply whatever you want in your virtual solution without any need to intrude on the physical server.
  • A decent scalability level is crucial. If your activity is expanding, and you need to monitor the traffic and its changes over time, a VPS in USA is the best option to do it. With a VPS, you are able to scale up any processes. One more advantage is that you don’t need to intrude into the server itself. You are able to perform scaling up without any downtime; hence, all your activities will be running, and the website will be online.
  • Customer support is online, and it assists in the case of need. While with a dedicated option, you will be on your own with your issues, with a VPS, the customer support is constantly available. And yes, they do all their maintenance works without your participation. It is just stunning, isn’t it?

The efficiency is superior. If you compare the performance and the functionality of a VPS solution with a public one, you will see the difference immediately. These options cannot be even compared. However, there is nothing surprising about it. A VPS option is not free; so, the providers do all the possible to comply with all the requirements of their clients. Let us be open though: at some point, even the extensive functionality of a VPS is not satisfactory, or it becomes so expensive that it is better to devote the time and resources to the creation of a dedicated alternative.

However, a VPS in USA is not a universal alternative for all life cases. There are some aspects that you have to consider before you opt for this option:

  • Speed can slow down when the application of the functions of the hardware peaks up;
  • If you need too many resources, the price grows immensely. It is recommended to observe the price level constantly to change to a dedicated option on time;
  • Sometimes, the VPS functionality is not satisfactory to satisfy all the needs. If you request some specific functionality, you might not find them in a VPS.

Dedicated Alternative as an Option

If you notice that a VPS alternative does not cover your needs anymore, it means that it is time to move to a dedicated option. A dedicated server is also the best alternative if your website needs to be constantly online and demonstrate the highest performance. For example, if you work with customer service, any slowdown might bring a loss of a customer. In turn, it will result in money losses. Therefore, before opting for a VPS in USA or a dedicated option, you should consider all the good sides and disadvantages of both opportunities.